American Freedom Tour Makes Headlines With Record Turnout and Show-Stopping Speech From President Trump

Posted: MARCH 24, 2022
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Trump stated to a crowd brimming with energy, “We won twice. And we may have to do it again.”

Over the weekend the American Freedom Tour held a rally in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida featuring President Donald Trump. The event is already making headlines for its record turnout and President Trump’s show-stopping speech.

President Trump highlighted the ongoing failings of the Biden Administration and the havoc being wrought on the country.

The Miami Herald reported seating was packed. Attendees circled the stadium to find an open space. Organizers say the event drew nearly twice as many as they had planned.

Trump’s energetic and powerful speech did not disappoint, and neither did the many conservative leaders who followed.

Chris Widener, American Freedom Tour President, said of Saturday's rally, “This was by far the most impactful event we’ve had yet, and I believe it’s because of the weight of the times we’re now living in. President Trump invigorated Americans who are today experiencing the extremely harmful effects of Biden’s damaging policies. This country needs hope, and Saturday that’s what we got.”

As Trump stated to a crowd brimming with energy, “We won twice. And we may have to do it again.”