Our Values

American Freedom Tour embraces and promotes conservative values related to Faith, Family, Finance and Freedom


“People who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”
- William Penn.

America was founded by people of faith who built the fabric of our society with not only churches on every corner, but hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, orphanages, food banks, and so many other integral parts of our society. People of faith have helped countless billions of people around the world through their charity. We want you to grow in your faith because your faith is integral to saving America.


The family is the core of a strong America and the traditional family is under attack. Left wing groups have even put into their charters that they want to disrupt the traditional idea of family. Men, in particular our fathers and husbands, are under attack, being maligned and parodied in popular culture. We need to strengthen our families and help them succeed because they are the most powerful group of people in our country! Our goal is to help everyone to know how to be better parents, spouses and children.

American Freedom Tour Values: Faith, Family, Finance, Freedom


It’s time for conservatives to finally take control of their finances. Inflation is eating away at our purchasing power and the Fed just continues to print money. The American Freedom Tour helps conservatives get their finances under their own control. Big government and corporations aren’t going to take care of you. The chances of Social Security being there for us decrease every day. As conservatives, we believe in rugged independence and self-reliance, taking care of ourselves first and then helping others out of our abundance. The only way to get to abundance and achieve the American dream is to get the financial education to do it. Conservatives need to learn how money, financial markets, investments and finances work. The American Freedom Tour will give you the financial training to empower you to achieve the American dream.


Without Freedom, there is no America. Freedom and self-governance made us the most powerful country in the history of the world. For almost 100 years, the government has increased its reach into our lives… to the point of breaking the American people. When the government takes our freedoms, they never give them back. It’s time to stand for freedom!


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